Is getting your childs name tattooed really that bad?

Recently I came across a article that says people shouldn’t get their child(rens) name tattooed on them; as it can lead to embarrassment later on in their child(rens) life.

But is it really?

Before having my daughter I have a small if not large collection of tattoos. Throughout my pregnancy when my partner and I were discussing names I already knew I wanted whatever we picked tattooed. And I already knew where.

Waiting until my daughter was just over a year old. The only thing I wanted for my birthday that year was the tattoo done. I have a tattoo artist who know me and what I like. So I arranged the appointment (and childcare) – I was pretty excited!

The tattoo is one of my favourites, I don’t regret it. And I’m sure my daughter won’t be fazed by it either.

I asked other parent bloggers for their opinions;

Jaymee from The Mum Diaries says I have my eldest’s name tattoo’ed on my ankle. it is a recover. I now need to find room for the other 2! 

Amy from Eps and Amy says I have my children’s names tattoo’d on my back. My husband had our daughters name in an identical font on his arm too, he hasn’t had our sons yet tho.

Kim from Life of an Auntie says I’m due to have my first child in approx 3.5 weeks and will definitely be having his/her name tattooed on me after there born. 

Faith from Raising Moonbows says I have my son’s name on my forearm, my stepson’s initials on my upper arm and soon will be getting my daughter’s name. I was never a fan of having names on me, but when I finally got my boy I changed my mind, then couldn’t leave my stepson out and now I have my little girl . I am now working on a symblisation piece to have done , of the babies I didn’t get to hold and the 2 I did.

Not everyone is in agreement with me, which is completely fine.

Here’s the other side;

Eiman from And then She Said says No I don’t, and don’t plan to – I don’t see the point to be honest. It’s far too much of a permanent thing to do to my body, I already use their names about a million times a day!

Emma-Louise from evenangelfall says I wouldn’t, just because I personally don’t want to end up with however many names all over me (I already have 3 kids). Instead I have a tattoo which says wish upon a star on my foot which has a new star added to it each time I have a baby.

Jodie from Tightwad Mama says I don’t and wouldn’t as it’s just not my personal taste. I will however have something that symbolises them. I’m currently designing an Alice in Wonderland tattoo; (because I’m obsessed with Alice) that includes a pocket watch with the time my son was born.

Out of all the parent bloggers that answered my opinion request; the only thing stopping them would be choice of their own body.

Either they don’t like tattoos or undecided what to design.

I understand that tattoos aren’t for everyone. And I totally agree that you should think before you ink, after all it is permanent!

Do you think is named tattoos that embarrassing?


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