We all need friends

Sixth letter in my A-Z managing with a toddler and newborn series;

F for Friends

I wouldn’t know how to cope if I didn’t have friends to randomly contact.

My best friend has been my rock over the years.

She was there throughout my post natal depression.

She’s watched my toddler grow from a tiny baby to the little person she is today.

When my newborn came along, she made regular visits to see us; mainly to save my sanity in the early days.

My girls adore her so much.

Socialising my toddler

My daughter is a social butterfly. She loves to talk, play and sing.

Being with her friends as soon as possible when her sister came along really helped her.

I can tell when she needs her friends more than me because she gets easily annoyed with me; when I don’t understand her role play games or can’t climb to the highest point on a climbing frame.

Getting out

We both love getting out of the house and visiting our friends.

Making memories. Every time we meet.

If we have a day when we’re stuck indoors; it’s a day from hell. We all benefit from going from a walk even if it’s a short one.


Friends; we all need atleast one person in our life that we can call upon.

I honestly don’t think I’d have made going from a mum of one to a mum of two without the help of my friends. By made it I mean; not slipping back into depression, or being able to cope as easily as I have done. Especially when I had so much anxiety before my baby was even born.

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