Making Craft Shirts for Father’s Day

If you read about our Mothering Sunday freestanding cards.

For Father’s Day we’re making origami shirts.

I came across this idea when looking for inspiration. I wanted to do something similar to what we made my daughter’s Nanny’s, though I didn’t want to do a freestanding Grandad card.

Not because I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t get the right template and we’re fast approaching the day. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

Where to Begin

1)Take a piece of A4 paper or card and fold it in half.

2) Then fold each outer edge to the middle.

3) Turn it over and fold about roughly 1cm up from the bottom.

4) Turn it back again, with the next fold at the top (face down), fold each corner to the middle line fold from the beginning at an angle. The shirt collar is now complete.

5) Fold the bottom out like a triangle. The shirt sleeves is now complete.

Fold from the bottom up, before pressing flat, tuck under shirt collar. All done.

Hand over to child to decorate!

Time to Make

Less than a minute. I did have to practise the shirt collar lengths at the start as they didn’t quite match up. And my bottom triangles aren’t perfect but is covered by the overall design.


These shirts were so fun to make, and I love watching my daughter decorate/ personalise each one for her daddy and both granddads.

Keeping a Secret

My daughter likes to tell her daddy everything! I’m hoping she doesn’t spoil the surprise, even if she does tell they are all well hidden.

What do you think of our cards?

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