First Time getting Gel Nails: The Beauty Studio Hastings

One Friday night I was searching for a beauty studio local to me that does threading, when I stumbled across The Beauty Studio Hastings Facebook page.
I noticed a post saying there were a few appointment spaces left for the next day. I messaged the page directly that night and Sarah, the studio owner, replied early Saturday morning  (before she was open) with a range of time slots available.

The Beauty Studio is situated in St Andrews Mews Shops by the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre in Hastings, East Sussex. It’s bright and easy to spot too.
I had to bring my daughter with me to my appointment, so fitting her pushchair in the small studio was a squeeze but no problem at all. My daughter kept saying I was sleeping!
Sarah’s threading technique was completely different to where I used to go. My eyes still watered, though there wasn’t any “pain” during or soreness after. Even the aloe Vera was so soothing and I didn’t walk out with a seriously red face.
There is a manicure and pedicure gel nail offer on until the end of October 2016 for £30.00.
I’ve never had professional gel nails done before and this offer was something I couldn’t leave without booking.
I took my appointment over two sessions. Firstly, my manicure, Sarah has such a range of colours to choose from – I was spoilt for choice, but I had in mind that I wanted a nude shade.
The whole treatment was so relaxing, as Sarah is lovely to talk to and has an eye for detail. We did my fingers first as she explained the light won’t reach around my thumbs when my hands are flat. With two light boxes, one on each side of me, the process was very fluid and quick but not rushed in any way.

My pedicure was a similar experience. I had the first appointment of the day, and when I arrived Sarah was promptly set up and ready for me. She had made a note of the colour we used from my manicure as I wanted the same for my toes. Again her skills are amazing, I felt so relaxed and chilled. She explained that due to the oils being used, she does the gel polish first.

The massage was unbelievable, felt like years of stress and tension were melting away. My feet are so lovely and lightweight – I had a little spring in my step when I left.
The Beauty Studio do other services too from facials to waxing, eye lashes and spray tans.
There’s as a loyalty card which is stamped when you spend over £5, which gives £5 off a service once full.
If you would like to find out more visit click here.
You can also find The Beauty Studio on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram

16 comments on “First Time getting Gel Nails: The Beauty Studio Hastings

  1. I did threading once and honestly I am a cry baby so never been back since as for the gel names did it first time a few months back at birmingham airport and it was good.
    The Beauty Studio looks awesome and your nails look really lovely

  2. Wow i love your colour choice. It sounds like a really nice experience. I've always wanted to have a mani and pedicure but like the natural look. It's really good to know you can get natural, beautiful looking nails from this treatment! I'm definitely going to book into my nearest place. x

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