Teaching Children about road safety: From pre-school to pre-teen

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As a new school year begins and the evenings start to get darker, there has never been a better time to get your child up to speed on road safety. Learning the basics at an early age could help them avoid a serious accident later in life.

Road safety for toddlers

Even pre-school age children can be taught basic road safety rules that will help keep them safe on our busy roads, such as:

• Look left and right before crossing the road
• Always hold a parent’s or guardian’s hand near traffic
• Stop before stepping off the pavement
• Never play on roads
• Only walk on the pavement
• Wait for the green man at traffic light crossings
• Always wear a helmet when cycling

The Green Cross Code

Sometimes the classics are the best. The Green Cross Code was created in 1970 but remains as relevant today as it was more than four decades ago.

Generally, the Green Cross Code is taught to children aged around seven to eleven. It is simple and easy to learn:

• Think – Find a safe place to cross
• Stop – Stand on the pavement and stop just before you reach the kerb
• Look – Look all around you for traffic. Listen for anything you can’t see. Look right, look left and look right again before crossing
• Wait – If traffic is coming then wait for it to pass. If you are at a crossing, wait for the green man or for the traffic to have stopped
• Look and listen again – When it is safe, and the road is clear, walk straight across the road. Keep alert, do not walk diagonally and never run
• Arrive safe

Teaching children basic road safety

Children learn through repetition, so take every opportunity to practice good road safety with your family.
Try taking your child to a quiet road and run through the Green Cross Code with them.
When you’re out and about with them, whether on a family walk or shopping in town, seize opportunities to repeat safety drills before crossing the road. Draw their attention to their surroundings – what they can see and hear travelling along the road.

Road safety for teenagers

As children approach their teens, it is essential they can distinguish between positive and dangerous road behaviour. Encourage them to speak up when their friends are acting in ways that could endanger themselves or others, and remind them of the importance of paying attention to the road and not using handheld devices like mobile phones when crossing one.

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