We have an announcement

I have an announcement.

Something that in the ‘real’ world isn’t actually a secret. Especially as I was outed by my toddler the following day!

An announcement which has been a long time coming.

The reason behind all being quite, is there has been a few bumps in the road.

Nothing essentially has been wrong, just nothing worth shouting about at the time.

My Family of Roses is pleased to announce a new rose will be joining us in the New Year!

So from now on I’ll be giving you all week-by-week updates…scrap that! I’ve seen too many blog posts like that and they just feel samey…is that even a word?!

Right so leading on from here; I’ll post about the bizarre way I found out I was pregnant!

How this time round is different from my first.

Battling with projectile morning sickness.

Bleeding gums, what’s normal?


How a routine check left me having more tests

Glucose test, what is it and how long does it take

When acid reflux put me in hospital 24 hours

I have faced all of the above since finding out until this present day. Stay tuned for the posts.

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