Skinny Tan products that are suitable for beginners to self tan

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My latest review is from Superdrug*; I’ve been sent two Skinny Tan products.

Firstly, I’d like to let you all know that I’m new to self tanning. The last time I used any self tanning products was in my teens.

I used to love getting my legs out but as a mum I tend to just throw on a pair of jeans.
I’d end up catching the sun on my feet and upper body and my legs will just be pale.

On advice from my best friend I purchased a exfoliating mitt* (this one is reversable, one side to prep for tanning and the other to remove old tan) and tanning mitt*.

Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner

After showering (preparing my body for tanning) I applied a good layer of moisturiser paying more attention to my elbows and knees.


I found the application on my legs and body to be really easy. (I had help with my back). You do have to work quickly though, as the tan is super quick to dry.

My arms I just couldn’t get right.

I did find the mitt seemed to be pulling off the tan when I was applying it.

I’ve since used this Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner* three times and it still these patches but not as much as my first attempt and more little cluster patches.

As I’m reviewing, and I like to be truthful in all aspects. I left the patches as they were. Even though they were annoying me.


In the morning; I got up and showered with just water as recommended on the tube.

All the patches that were frustrating me the night before washed away without a trace!

I was left with a lovely tan. A tan that was even. A tan that showed no signs of streaks. Or dark patches on my elbows or knees. Noticeable tan; even my partner who witnessed the application couldn’t believe how well this tan turned out.

What I like?

I love the scent of the Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner, it doesn’t smell like fake tan at all!

Although I did have patches upon application; the tan after washing was even and lasted about 3 days.

I guess practice makes perfect, I’m glad I’ve found a self tan product for beginners like me. Especially if you can make errors and it makes no difference to how the tan develops.

By day 3, I felt I really needed to top up this tan just to make it last.

This is the tanning product I’d use again and again.

I’ve recommended this to my best friend who’s purchase some herself!

I’ve also been having a go with Skinny Tan 24-Hour Bronzer*.

This tanning product is perfect for correcting areas of self tan mishaps, or for a quick tan before date night etc.


I used my hands to apply this one.
Again I made sure I fully moisturised first.

Less is more when it comes to using Skinny Tan 24-Hour Bronzer; I found that if I used to much it started to clumb together in areas.

I applied it as I would a moisturiser. Making sure each area with dry before moving onto the next.


These are instant. No waiting for the tan to develop. Just wait for it to dry first!

Left with Skinny Tan 24-Hour Bronzer / Right without tan

What I like?

Skinny Tan 24-Hour Bronzer has a coconut scent which is quite mild. This is the product I’d use when I want to get my legs out to match my sun tanned upper body too.
The product washes off well in the shower, no need to scrub or anything.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The above Skinny Tan products were sent to me from Superdrug to review, however all words are my own honest opinions.For more information please see my disclaimer

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