Simple Chores for 3 Year Olds

I can’t remember when I first introduced chores to my daughter.

She’s always trying to help me in one way or another.

I think it was once she was established on her feet; odd things like putting clothes in the laundry basket.
Most recently I’ve got a list of what she can do, within reason, to help maintain our home.

She’s three years old, not far off starting school (totally can’t think about my baby starting school yet!) and I’d like her to grow up knowing mummy doesn’t do it all. And a bit of responsibility for her things too.

I must point out that she isn’t bribed in anyway to do the following.

Nor will she be when she’s older – eg: pocket money for doing x, y or z.

I’d love to be paid to run the house, but sadly this isn’t the case, so she needs to learn this life skill too as the years go on.

Her chores are:

Laying the table – by which she sets the placemats, coasters and her cutlery (we bring our own in with our food)

Picking up the Floors – (a.k.a. tidy up time) usually for when I start hoovering

Putting dishes away and taking dishes to the sink

Recycling – she knows where paper, plastic and cardboard goes
Cleaning spills with a cloth

Shoes – puting them on the rack together, usually picking up after daddy and I too

Laundry in the basket, putting socks on the radiator, and dry laundry away

Making her bed

We have our chores list hanging up in our hallway

We do most of these together and we always say the quicker we do them the quicker they get done.

Do you have any similar chores for your pre-schoolers?



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