Routine check ups and tests in pregnancy

My day started like any other day before. Usual breakfast, lunch, entertaining my toddler while trying to get ready for my first consultant appointment.

I was feeling great, slept well, feeling organised.

No rushing, time was on my side for once today.

So I arrive at my appointment with a few minutes to spare.
The receptionist requests I do a urine sample while I wait.

Then it all goes downhill.

The midwife calls me in to do my obs before I see my consultant. While hooked up to the blood pressure machine, she dips my urine sample and finds traces of glucose.

Then my reading off the machine shows my blood pressure is high and my heartbeat is quite fast for someone who’s been resting and walked likes than 20 steps to the observation room.

A list of questions then follow: is there a history of high blood pressure/ diabeties in the family, have I ever had any issues with my heart before etc.

Seeing my consultant he looks at the results from a few minutes before and then digs out my notes from my first pregnancy to compare if anything is similar.

Along with more questions about what happened then, my daughter was premature, and how things are now.

Things were fine until I came here, I felt like screaming.

To be honest I was going from feeling absolutely fine to getting quite anxious as the hours ticked by!

He requests a ECG be done of my heart right there and then and for a specialist to contact me later.

I also have trouble giving blood. Bless the midwife she was so calm trying; but I ended up going for a walk up to pathology for them to do it in the end.

Back down and I’m booked in for a glucose test and told what I needed to do for it.

My next consultant appointment was booked and off home I went 4 long anxious hours later.

That evening my head was still trying to get around what the hell had happened!

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