How I Rebranded from Blogger to WordPress

Back in March, my Blogger blog was hacked; I felt powerless, there was nothing I could do but appeal and wait – after a few hours I couldn’t access anything!

That was the kick I needed to finally rebrand, I’d outgrown my original blog name and I hated the way my blog looked, and move to self-hosted and this is how I did it.

Remember I’m no expert and if in doubt contact your host for advice first.

The basics

  • deciding on a new blog name
  • picking a host site – there’s loads out there
  • time – making sure I allowed myself enough time to do it
  • paper & pen – to make quick notes

Back up, Back up, Back up

You should be doing regular back ups anyway, even before you start changing anything, and I mean anything, make sure you have a current back up.

I was rebranding I removed my vanity domain URL from my Blogger site and reverted back to my original blogspot domain.

Firstly, because I couldn’t find anything that helped move without doing this and secondly I can allow my vanity domain to expire without adding stress of more redirections. (Please note: I have no idea if the latter is correct or even a good idea – at the time of rebranding I had a little over 6 months left of the year I purchased the vanity domain for.)

I then did my back up. Went to Settings, Other, Export blog and Download Blog to download a exported copy of my blog, I saved it in its own folder so I could easily locate it.

Setting up a host

I’ve picked my host site and registered my new domain with nominet – now what?

Your host site will email you a few details to access your Control Panel. Here I added my new domain name and installed the WordPress application, (and even set up my custom email too!).



Logging in to WordPress, on the left sidebar I scrolled down until I found Tools, followed by Import, then Blogger. Then following the steps onscreen I chose the file that I exported from Blogger and kept following all the steps until complete.


These are links to individual blog posts, pages, etc. I was advised to begin with to change the structure to match my Blogger layout until I was a bit more familiar with WordPress. To do this go to Settings on the left sidebar and select Permalinks and choose Month and Name.

Blog Redirection

The above was pretty painless, the next bit I tried to rush as I was running out of time but I should have concentrated and not end up doing it twice!

I eventually did this all with code, I don’t know why but I find working with code easier.

But a plugin works just as well, if you don’t rush through it like I tried to.

Go to Plugins on the left sidebar, Add New and search Blogger to WordPress Redirection. Click Install Now, Activate, Start Configuration and Get the Code – this code you need to paste into your Blogger blog.

Switching back to Blogger, click Template and scrolled to find Revert to Classic Template. Click Edit Template HTML – you need to replace all the text here with the Get the Code text from above, then Save Template.

Then Settings (still in Blogger), Other replace Post Feed Redirect URL with your new domain followed by /feed. (Check with your host to see if this is correct for your WordPress feed).

That should be it

This is a basic guide to how I transferred from Blogger to WordPress, though I am be no stretch of the imagination a expert in this whatsoever and this transfer took me the better part of a day to do.

Also I’m not 100% sure if I did this all in the correct order.

You may experience teething issues like I did; my images from Blogger transferred looking a bit odd but that was a sizing issue. Remember if you go wrong you have a back up to restore it back to before you did anything; contact your host who maybe able to help too.

Things to remember

Make sure you submit your WordPress site to Google Webmaster Tools, as soon as possible.

Rebranding will make your DA (Domain Authority) drop back to 1, but you can build it back up again.

Don’t forget to change the names on your social media too.

Hope by sharing my experience you find some of this information useful.

11 comments on “How I Rebranded from Blogger to WordPress

  1. Horrible that you had to suffer the horrors of being hacked, that must have been awful for you. This is a really useful guide to some of the important facts you’d need to know in moving and rebranding your blog. It can be quite daunting if you’re not sure.

  2. This is a fantastic post and very very useful and exactly what I am looking for. You make it all sound so easy. Also it would be great if you can you do a post about what type of hosting package is best to buy and how to go about buying a template for the blog?? I am book marking this post. Thanks.

    1. There is so many hosts out there that it really depends on what your blog is for, how many visitors you receive etc.

      Liking the template idea though, thank you

  3. I use blogger and it is the only platform that I have ever used but I have always thought about moving to WordPress. I can’t believe your blog got hacked – that’s scary! I’m going to bookmark this and I think you have just given me the motivation to change over too. It just seems scary because so much work and effort has gone into the blog that if it all went wrong I would be distraught! I also think I have outgrown my blog name and would love a re-brand.

  4. Such a handy guide, I moved from a site to a new months into blogging and I’m so.glsd I did as I really love wordpress. I want to change my blog name too as some point but need to settle on a name!! Glad you found the whole process relatively stress free xx

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