Preparing for our newbaby with Belo + Me

When it comes to preparing for my second baby I thought I didn’t need alot.

Turns out I do need to spend maybe abit more than I liked to.

Over the weekend I went through a huge vacuum bag of baby clothing that I’m currently storing under my daughter’s bed.

Until I started actually sorting it all out into sizes (0-3 months, 3-6 months etc) I soon realised that unless I give birth to a 9-12 month old my baby doesn’t have any clothing.

Quite looking forward to buying some new baby bits though!

I was sent some Belo + Me wardrobe dividers which I wish I had when my daughter was first born. I remember her drawers being full of clothes and I’d only find a new outfit once she’d outgrown it! Grr!!

This time round I’m hoping to be more organised as dressing a toddler is hard enough without the added need to dress a newborn too.

These wardrobe dividers are so brightly coloured each with their own animal design too.

I’ll be able to see exactly what I have (and need by sight once I’ve washed everything.)

Not only that but my partner surely will be able to dress our newborn in the correct size – I still laugh to myself that time he dressed our daughter in an outfit slightly too small!

Having wardrobe dividers gets everything out of drawers so no missing an outfit purchased and forgotten about.

The next thing I’m really excited about is Belo + Me milestone cards!

Apparently milestone cards have been around for years but I clearly must have been too busy trying to get my head around all this new baby gear to notice until my daughter was nearly a year old.

Milestone cards are great for capturing memories of your newborn from birth until their a year old.

What I love about these Belo + Me milestone cards are that each card is different, and some of them are double sided to add more memorable information.

There also great for photographing with baby too.

Newborns change so much so quickly that I’d love to remember all our special moments and if I can remember roughly to compare how different and unique my daughter and baby are.

Both these items would make great gifts for any expecting mums.

You can purchase them together for £22 or separately over at Belo + Me.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review, however all words are my own honest opinions. For more information please see my disclaimer

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