Potty Training Week 4

Well here we are week 4 of our Potty Training Series with Dry Like Me.

Over the past four weeks we have been learning a completely new milestone for both of us.

Established adding this milestone into our everyday lives.

My daughter has learnt her body cues, to hold herself until she is at the toilet and the importance of hygiene.

I didn’t use reward charts or stickers. We didn’t clear our diary for a week a home. Nor did we make learning this stage the one and only thing of our day to day.

We carried on as normal.

Could we have done this sooner? Possibly the signs have been there for awhile, but it may not have been as successful.
What worked for us, worked for us. Every child is unique. Who knows my next child maybe the complete opposite.

This is our toddler-led potty training experience. I never planned to do it this way, it just sort of fell into place.
One minute she was using this cheap plastic pink potty as a hat or a seat for her teddies tea party. The next she is willing to sit on her potty for 10 minutes at a time. Followed by my daughter telling me there’s something wet in her potty as she didn’t understand that she had done a wee.

Would we have got dry without Dry Like Me? Honestly, no. My daughter was comfortable in her pull ups to her they were a nappy without the sticky bits and she didn’t need to think about using her potty.
Dry Like Me made the transition from pull ups to knockers easier and more comfortable. I got my daughter to understand that the ‘liner doesn’t like wee wees, tiny accidents are okay though’ and ‘knickers like to be dry like mummys’ from the second we started using them. And when we did experience an ‘accident’ I repeated again to her, along with asking if she could ‘help’ me making things better again.

Monday through to Sunday
Completely dry.
No longer having to prompt every half an hour – she tells me when she needs to go. Which also means I don’t have to clock watch either.
Using less potty and more toilet throughout the day.
No longer fearing unfamiliar facilities.
Loves washing her hands after.
Likes to dress herself and choosing what to wear.
She’s no longer holding her poos til bedtime, something she started doing awhile ago if she couldn’t hide when she needed to go. She’s relaxed enough that she stops and goes to with potty or toilet when she needs to.

This experience has had its ups and downs.
The positives are how grown up my daughter has become.
The lows for me is she’s no longer a baby baby.
And the additional cleaning though I know it’s temporary, she still practising her new technique, something for now I’ll have to grit my teeth though.

Stay tuned for next week. We’re using Dry Like Me at night time!

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