Potty Training Week 2

Dry like me sun

As we continue our potty training experience with Dry Like Me.
We have learnt to carry on our day-to-day like normal.
So parents swear by clearing a week out of their diary and focusing on potty training – this method works for some, but not for us.

Our way is making a mental note of the last time she went: either asking her if she needs to go, saying its time to go or mummy is going to the toilet why don’t we both go together.

Dry like me pouch
I can fit two liners and a spare pair of knickers in the pouch

We were completely dry. Though I have to reminder her to use her potty.

We had a accident. My daughter usually does her poos before bed. So when I thought she was napping, I took the dry laundry upstairs and was talking on the phone. To come down to a familiar smell. She ‘forgot’ to use her potty but tried to fix her error herself. She had taken her soiled knickers off, finished a wee on the potty, attempted to clean herself and put her leggings back on. All without making a sound! I had to praise her efforts, she hadn’t done a bad job just wasn’t a very clean one.

Wednesday – Saturday
We were completely dry. Still prompting her to remember to use her potty.

We were completely dry. We had a late night, and she feel asleep in the car on the way home. She requested her potty before she went to bed, even in her tired state she still went.

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3 comments on “Potty Training Week 2

  1. Bless your little one, trying to clean it up herself, good effort. With my daughter we had a few failed starts, then waited for her to be ready, we always kept the potty out in the same place, until eventually one day, she went on her own.

  2. Whenever my youngest had an accident she’d always try to clean it herself, bless her she’d be so proud. But it was always more ‘smudging and spreading’ than cleaning ..

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