Potty Training at Night

From our second week of potty training I introduced the Dry Like Me Night time liners.

Dry Like Me Night time liners

My aim from the beginning of our journey was to ensure my daughter was understanding her body but not confused.
She was still in night time pulls up at this point.
Most importantly she was dry throughout the night since Christmas last year. For me it was always just incase she wasn’t.

The very first day my daughter slept in her cotbed (now changed into a toddler bed) she had a mattress protector. I read somewhere before she was born that getting children used to them from the start is ideal.

It wasn’t until night three when I woke before my daughter, I thought she was sound asleep so got our breakfast ready.
I’ve gone to wake her up, and found her pj bottoms and knickers on her radiator.
I’ve sat down on her bed, she rolls over and just about whispers that her bed is all wet. She was so upset and thought I was going to be cross.

The sad look on her face was truly heart breaking!

Yes she wet the bed, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Mummy guilt soon kicked in when I realised her clock hadn’t switched from star to the sun. She knows to stay in bed until the sun comes on.
She did what she was told. I’ve since convinced her it’s okay to use her potty if she needs to when the star is still on, as long as she gets back into bed after.

This so far has been the only accident.

I know some parents say when night training that they wake their child up to use the potty or toilet before they go to bed so their little one doesn’t wet the bed.
I haven’t done this. For me her sleep shouldn’t be broken. She settled before 7pm and wakes up anytime after 6.30am. If she does wake in the night I do guide her to her potty but she doesn’t always go.

Having given my daughter ‘control’ during potty training in the daytime it seemed only right for the same at night.
She is very independent and makes me very proud.
In under a month she’s managed to achieve so much.

Dry Like Me Night time liners are similar to the daytime ones.
These ones have purple stars on them, the daytime ones have suns. They come in boxes of 14 and a travel pouch.

Coming up next week, Potty Training while at nursery.

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for a review, however my opinions are my honest views.
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