Packing for the Hospital bag for baby and me, Why Minimal is Best

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With 14 days to go it’s time to stop thinking about and start actually packing my hospital bag!

The first time I was pregnant I didn’t know what to expect/ take and literally packed everything based on lists I saw online about “must-haves” etc. Most of which I didn’t use or need.

It’s a hospital after all, I’m not going on holiday.
Though I wish I was, this pregnancy hasn’t been without it’s bumpy ride.

This time round I’m taking the more minimal approach. Here’s what I’m packing in two bags; one for baby and one for me.

For baby:

• a pack of nappies – these ones I got free with one of my Emma’s diary/bounty freebie packs.

Milton sterilising tablets** – these are a just incase item as I’m unsure whether my hospital still provide sterilising equipment like they did back in 2014.

• cotton pads – midwives like newborns to not have any products used on there delicate skin so these are for nappy changes

Steri-Bottles* – like I mentioned above I’m unsure if the hospital have sterilising equipment, and as I want to express feed only. These bottles are ready for use and hold 9fl oz of milk. For single use only and fully recyclable too. This pack contains five bottles, and the instructions on the box seem very easy to put together.

• clothes – we recently had a growth scan which predicted the baby’s weight at the time so I’ve packed a few vests and sleepsuits for that size. I won’t be bothering with a going home outfit this time round.

Sudocrem** – even though the midwives don’t like products on newborn skin I remember my daughter got nappy rash after 7 days. Again this is a just incase item as I’d rather prevent it.

bottle warmer bag** – this is for going home. As we have no idea until baby is born when we’ll be going home. I’d like to have a bottle ready for use when I know roughly when we’re being discharged. Even though we’re not far from the hospital the last thing I want it to come home and panic rush to get a bottle made in time or worse we get stuck in traffic on the way back.

For me:

The basics; dressing gown, clothes (most likely on bottoms), slippers so I don’t have to put my trainers on everytime I need to walk less than 10 steps, hair brush and bands, phone charger, tooth paste and brush.

• wet wipes and lip balm – having had the unfortunate pleasure of being on the maternity ward more than I’d have liked I know how hot they can be. I hated having dry lips or feeling dry in my mouth and the wet wipes are to keep me feeling fresh between showers.

Dry shampoo** – there is no way I’ll have the time to wash and use my hairdryer while on the ward.

• variety of maternity pads/towels – last time I only had the slim line towels and they didn’t really stand up to the job in the first few weeks. This time I’m taking a mix.

Lansinoh manual breast pump*/** – I couldn’t breastfeed my daughter in the beginning as she went straight to special care and by the time I could I went right of the idea of it. But I did express! The pump on her ward was amazing but not suitable for our budget.
I am loving this manual pump and I’m yet to use it. (So expect an updated review post in the future months).
The brand is known to me as I’ve used their breast pads before.
The pump comes with two storage bags, (plus I’ve collected another two in one of the freebie bags from Emma’s diary/bounty) a bottle and teat.
It’s small enough to fit in my hospital bag and everything can be sterilised.

breast pads and nipple cream*/** – two essentials. I’m using the brand Lansinoh again.
The nipple cream is for me the best on the market. I remember feeling like I was on fire one morning on the way to seeing my daughter and the midwife recommended it. It worked instantly, I didn’t even have any pain when hooked up to the express machine either.

• carrier bag for items my partner can take home

Both bags done in the hope that we’ll both not be hospital long. And if we are sobeit additional needed items can be brought in for us.

I wouldn’t want to over pack again like last time as there isn’t much bedside space.

Food, of course, is what everyone says is essential. We’re lucky enough that our hospital provides a breakfast, lunch and dinner so I won’t starve between visits. Plus they have a cafe and restaurant onsite too.

What do you think? How much stuff did you take in your hospital bag?

*Disclaimer: PR samples; these items were provided for me as part of this post. However all words are my own honest opinions.

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