Potty Training Week 3

Dry like me sun

Our third week potty training with Dry Like Me.

Since we started our potty training journey, my cleaning chores seem to have doubled.
We established early on that when she uses her potty she must wash her hands with soap. My hand soap she doesn’t like, so she’s now using Professor Scrubbington’s Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash (see review here). My daughter never fails to forget as she loves the foam.

Cleaning the potty is something I’m really starting to detest. We have a potty that is a seat with a removable pot. I disinfect her potty after every use and use detol wipes for the seat. If she’s done a number two the whole lot gets disinfected.

Potty training cleaning

This week she’s wanting to use the toilet more, which is great, if only she didn’t get wee on the seat! Adding to my cleaning list by the hour.

We went to the beach. All was good until a mini wave knocked my daughter off her feet. Soaked from the waist down, we changed in a public facility.
The Dry Like Me pouch kept her soaking knickers from soaking my handbag.
The liner soaked up half the sea! It was so heavy when I replaced it for a fresh one.
Rest of the day we were dry.

My daughter woke from her nap very wet.
Thought we mastered getting to the potty the second she opens her eyes.
Putting it down to me not realising when she woke up.

Wednesday – Friday
News from her nursery that she took herself to the toilet.
She took herself to the potty around dinner time too, so she didn’t miss her telly programme.

Saturday and Sunday 
Both days had long car trips – I was prepared for accidents, spare clothes and Dry Like Me liners.
We had no accidents in the car!
Daddy and I took it in turns taking our daughter to the toilet at regular intervals – she was dry all weekend.

If your wondering what Dry Like Me is or needing more information click here.
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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for a review, however my opinions are my honest views.
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