No More Losing Socks with Sock Ons

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Socks. Baby socks to be exact. So so cute on their tiny feet.

Pain in the arse if you lose one!

I lost so many when my toddler was a baby.

Not making the same mistake twice!

What’s Sock Ons?

They are designed to keep baby’s socks on their feet. So no need to worry about them being kicked or pulled off.

What do I like?

I love the thin material, and they slip on easily on my baby’s feet after I’ve put her socks on her.

As she’s no longer traveling in her carrycot it’s one thing I don’t need to keep a check on anymore as she can’t kick them off.

Are they comfortable? Well I guess so my baby shows no signs of them being an issue for her at all.

Value for money

Sock Ons* come in single pack and a double pack and two sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months. I prefer the double pack as for me there more value for money. And when one pair are in the wash she still has another pair to wear. My baby girl is never without her Sock Ons now, it’s funny I don’t feel like she’s properly dressed without them on.

Where to buy?

Sock Ons are available in a wide range of colours, in single* and double* packs.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.
I purchased these for my baby, so all my thoughts are my own honest opinions.
For more information please see my disclaimer

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