Changing Times When out and about with a Newborn

Trying to do all things mum when out and about, then you just sit down and baby needs a nappy change.

If your lucky you may have someone to mind the toddler while you dig around the baby bag for all things needed for the trip to a public facility.

Never enough hands to carry baby, who maybe making a fuss, plus nappy, wipes etc.

Well not anymore.

What is a nappy wallet?

I’ve been sent a lovely nappy wallet from Niamhs Neverland.

A nappy wallet is a wallet with holding all things needed when a nappy change is required.

What I like?

When the need to change my newborns bottom I can grab her and the nappy wallet knowing I have it all.

It holds a packet of wipes, several nappies, nappy bags and nappy cream.

Everything is secure with a popper and fits perfectly in my baby bag. It’s actually saving some space!

The nappy wallet is great for holidays and road trips.

The designs

There is a variety of designs to choose from or you can contact Katy if there is a particular design you’d like.

Another handy feature

The nappy wallet dummy clip for keeping the spare one safe and easy to find.

Where to buy?

Visit Niamhs Neverland online esty shop. Prices from £12.00.

Disclaimer: The above product was sent to me to review. However all words are my own honest opinions. For more information please see my disclaimer

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