Nails Inc Festival Collection and How to do them 

I recently purchased the Nails Inc Festival Collection, 8 bottles of magnetic nail polishes for £8.00 (plus postage) usual RRP £104.00*.

In this collection you get:


London town


Houses of Parliament



Shaftesbury Avenue

Kensington Palace

How to use magnetic nail polish

Firstly I like to prep my nails, giving them a good file and shape then applying a base coat.

I always apply a base coat. When I was in my teens I regularly painted my nails without and it stained my nails every time.

Next having chosen my colour, take the top lid off and put to one side. I apply one thin coat to all five nails on one hand.

One rough coat of Houses of Parliament

Letting them dry for about five to ten minutes.

Then one nail at a time.

Apply a generous coat, then grab the magnetic lid at a 45° angle – don’t attempt to go straight down on the nail as the effect won’t work. Lining up the cuticle bumper with your cuticle quickly move the magnetic over nail.

Careful not to go too close as the magnet may pull the colour to it.

This process only takes seconds and you can see it happening from the sides.

Rotate the magnetic lid away. I find lifting straight off pulls the paint too.

Continue and repeat on the rest of your nails.

Finished nails of Houses of Parliament. I like to let them dry fully first before tidying up the edges

I usually apply a top coat, though I’ve found many case the magnet look. So I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one.


Loving this look. Over the years I’ve spent a small fortune on nail art from watching to do videos and I can not do them. Even a basic white tip manicure!

These nail polishes are not only quick but the only nail art I’ve ever been able to achieve just like it looks on the bottle.

Colour: Houses of Parliament

Disclaimer: I purchased these nail polishes especially for myself as a mummy treat. I was in no way obligated to do this review or how to guide.

*I used a O2 Priority discount code to receive this collection for that price.

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