How I’m continuing to help baby teething pain with MAM teething products

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Seems like lately all I write about is teething.

Well lately my night life is revolving around teething.

Yeah I’ve gone from having a lovely nights sleep, to being up nearly hourly with my baby and her teething pain.

The excitement I felt when I could see two rectangle lumps in her bottoms gums was short lived.

That was over 2 months ago and her teeth still hasn’t poked through!

My eldest was not like this, not this bad at all. She used to moan and knawed throughout the day and still slept.

MAM teething

Luckily for my baby, MAM recently sent her 3 more teething products.

They have a wide range from 2 months plus up to 5 months plus.

Ellie the Bee

She is suitable from 3 months plus.

Her body is solid, no squeaking. That would drive me crazy!

Ellie the Bee* wings are firm but flexible with raised dots on the back and raised lines on her front.

She’s easy to hold for small hands and fits perfectly in small mouths.

Made from 100% natural rubber.

My baby loves to chew Ellie the Bee’s head and has no problem with holding her wings.

Bob the Turtle

He is suitable from 5 months plus.

And he is non squeaking too.

Bob the Turtle* doesn’t lay flat, so he can be knawed on from his head to his four feet.

He is partly hollow which allows small hands to easily hold, and is covered in raised circles and similar shapes. Suitable for stimulating the gums and also as a sensory toy which lots to look and feel.

Made from 100% natural rubber.

Bob the Turtle gets a workout with my baby, she’s figured out how to use all sides of him, and I usually find him covered in dribble. She loves to chew him when he’s upside down.


A Cooler* is really useful to keep in the fridge for when teething is at its worse.

The chilled effect helps soothe sore gums, as it is water-filled so will stay cool until it reaches air temperature again.

This cooler’s shape is designed to reach the back teeth with each cooling part having a different simulating pattern.

Ring design is not only great for small hands to hold, but can also be used to chew too, giving baby a variety.

This cooler is suitable from 4 months plus.

Our cooler has saved everyone’s ear drums, when baby is just in pain and getting louder and louder. We get it out of the fridge and she’s instantly calm.

*Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review, however all words are my own honest opinions. This post contains affiliate links. For more information please see my disclaimer

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