How its sometimes hard keeping up appearances

Eleventh letter in my A-Z managing with a toddler and newborn series;

K for Keeping Up Appearances

We all see in the media of new mums who had a baby 6 days ago and bounced back into their pre pregnancy bodies by day 8.

They always look fresh and polished. Not a thing out of place.

Then on the flip side there’s the mums who couldn’t care less what they look like.


I used to have very health hair; then I bleached the lot. My hair used to be super long.

Now I can’t get my hair past the top of my shoulder blades. As soon as it gets any longer it’s dry and splitting.

Then there’s the post pregnancy hair!

I’ve been losing so much this time round. I’m trying to smile through this stage but honestly it’s getting me down now. Its been happening since my baby was 11 weeks (she’s now 25 weeks).

I shed alot when I wash my hair, enough that I could donate it to be made in to a wig each time.

And what’s worse is I’m shedding equal amounts throughout the day too.

I’m forever finding lose hairs everywhere.


I’ve always had a thing about having my nails done. By done I mean painted.

Not necessarily at a beauty salon, if I find the time I will do them myself at home.

Lately I never have the time.

I was expecting my nails to be weak like my hair. But they are stronger than they have ever been.

I rarely have a break. And when I do it’s usually quite low and so painful.


Throughout this heatwave I’ve stopped wearing full on make up.

I’ve been letting my skin have a fresh break from clogging my pores with foundation etc.

I’m now using undereye cream to hid my tiredness, mascara and making sure my eyebrows are drawn on.

Keeping Up Appearances

I couldn’t give a monkeys what I look like half the time.

But you won’t find me out the house with dirty hair and my eyebrows not on.

I don’t want to be known as one of those mums who constantly looks like a mess and is like a whirlwind wherever we go.

I just want to have a little bit of pre babies me back. Even if I have to adapt my beauty routine now

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