Interviewing a Make-Up Artist & Finding out if its Her Dream Job

This week I’ve been lucky enough to interview a mum who’s also a make-up artist!

Before I became a mum I was modeling but nothing serious. I met Amy for an Event in Brighton 2013 where she did my hair and make-up.

So here is her interview:


Hi there, My name is Amy Prifti and I am the principal of the Sussex Make-up Academy.  Offering flexible and professional  hands on training in make-up artistry and hair styling as well as business set up, mentoring and work placements to all of our students.

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What made you choose this career path?

Having been a freelance make-up artist and hair stylist myself for 23 years, I was coming across more and more people who had the training (sometimes out of date) but not the experience and skills required to actually work as a make-up artist.  Recognising this, I decided to start up my own training courses to give people what is really required to work in this creative industry.

What do you love about your job?


I love being a make-up artist myself so find it great to be able to pass on my knowledge to others.  I like the freedom and creativeness that this job brings and I love meeting and supporting all new students who come through the doors of Sussex Make-up Academy.

Have you had any hurdles to overcome in your chosen career?

I guess that really depends on each person’s attitude.  I have been lucky enough to work in Films, TV, Theatre, Fashion, Photographic and have my own bridal business.  Very early on, I worked in makeover photographic studios and make-up counters in department stores so I have been happy to turn my hand to anything.

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The main hurdles I come across these days are too many people either wanting you to work for free, or too many people offering to work for free.

This really undermines the industry and makes it harder for anyone wanting to work full time as a make-up artist.  I always tell people that they have to value themselves and put a price on that value.  If they don’t, then they can’t expect anyone else to.

What piece of advice would you give other women looking to start their own business?

Trust your gut and go for it.  Not everything will be in place or perfect from the start and you can’t wait for it to slot in place because that will never happen.  It can be scary, but if you don’t go for it then it will never happen!

Just like there is never perfect timing for having a baby or getting married, having your own business is like having a baby so take a deep breath and put yourself out there. Start small and keep costs low; don’t throw lots of money at an idea until you have tested the market to make sure it is what people want.

Just start it.

Make-up by Amy Prifti – Image is copyright to

Does social media impact your business?

Social media plays a big part in running my business.  I don’t pay for online marketing or have a PR company so I am totally reliant on social media to get my business message across.

It is important not to confuse success with how many ‘followers’ you have – What’s the point of having 10k followers if no-one actually gets in touch to buy into your business?

You want the ‘right type’ of followers (those that are interested in and will use your product) to get your message across to.

Are you doing your dream job?

Yes, and I always have.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Surprisingly I was a make-up artist and Hair stylist! Having always spent time at school and college giving my friends make overs and designing the hair and make-up for college plays; I was given my first chance of work experience placement at Glyndebourne Opera House followed by my first full time job at 17 working as a hair and make-up artist in a photographic studio.  Film, TV, Theatre, Fashion, Photographic and my own Bridal business all followed from there.

Make-Up by Amy Prifti – Image is copyright to

If you are interested in training as a make-up artist and hair stylist, we run flexible part time, evening, short courses as well as full time courses to fit in around your current lifestyle.

Visit our website at Sussex Make Up Academy and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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