How I survived the school run without a tantrum

Starting school can be daunting for both the child and parent doing the school run.

We already knew how long it would take us to get there, so it was just a matter of working out how to be ready and out the door in time.

My routine

My day starts at 6:30am, for weeks leading up to school I dreaded this start time.

But it works.

I do wake up in a fog, every, single, morning.

This half an hour is my time. Time for me and only me to get myself together.

So what do I actually do in my half hour of peace?

Well firstly I get up and flick the kettle on, then its off to the bathroom.

I have this quick routine of getting my face on, then I’m back in my bedroom to get dressed.

Run a brush through my hair and I’m done.

One out of 3 is now ready to leave the house.


Next I need to get organised, note I still haven’t had my morning cuppa yet and I’m still in a haze of sleepy and needing a tea.

Baby stuff, this is relatively quick for me if I know whether I’m coming straight home or going on to a parent and baby group. Bottle, snacks, milk in dispenser, nappy wallet restocked.

I get her clothing, nappy and bib ready to hand.

I’m then found in the kitchen, that kettle is getting flicked on again! I know, how bad is that!

Picked out 3 bowls, my eldest has a thing for her orange bowl so to stop any potential tantrums she gets that bowl.

A bottle is made, tea is made, cereal in bowls waiting for milk.

Everybody’s up

Right its now 7am. The telly is on, I want to catch the weather.

Though I miss it.

The baby is holding her bottle, the other is munching on her cereal, I’m eating mine and sipping my tea. After burping, the baby is having her porridge – the other is still munching her cereal and trying to start an unnecessary conversation which I remind her will be just as important once she’s actually eaten her breakfast.

The girls

Once the baby is fed, I literally focus on her for the next few minutes.

My eldest is usually still eating her breakfast!

She’s changed, she’s dressed, she’s put in her buggy.

That’s 2 out of 3 of us ready to leave the house.

Back to the one whom needs to go to school. Who now wants to watch something cartoony on the telly.

We go and brush our teeth together and wash her face and hands.

She then gets her hair bands and brush so I can do her hair.


This all depends on time.

If time is on my side, I’ll do two french braids which is her favourite but does take time if she doesn’t stand still.

If I feel time is getting on she’ll go to school with her hair in a high bun. I was thinking a high pony tail, but I was also thinking she could easily get it caught or pulled.


She has two chores to do before school. One to clear the livingroom of dishes and the other to make her bed.

After school she has to make sure her uniform is taken off, laundry the dirty items, folded (I showed her how to do it), get clean items and placed neatly for the next day.

In the mornings she is responsible for dressing herself, putting her school shoes on, coat if needed and book bag.

We’re all ready!

Well kinda, I’m usually running about taking my phone off charge, triple checking the baby bag for items I might have forgot.

Grabbing my keys.

Remembering to put my phone in the baby bag.

Then we’re off, and on our way, no tantrums.

Relatively stressfree morning.

How are your school mornings going?

6 comments on “How I survived the school run without a tantrum

  1. Oh I like that your eldest has chores to do before school, that’s something I may steal! I wish I could put the baby in the buggy and go off and sort the other one out but living in a flat prevents that! Well done on getting your routine down!

  2. That sounds very organised. This is my typical morning: “Aarrgghh, quick, we’ve overslept again.” (shouting) “20 mins everyone and we have to leave, so get up, NOW”. And so far, we’ve not been late once 😊

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