Halloween Freestanding Pumpkin Craft

It’s nearly Halloween!

While my toddler daughter doesn’t fully understand what Halloween is, we do love a good craft.

Everywhere we’ve been, throughout half term, we’ve seen craved pumpkins and decorations.

We made many yesterday but this little pumpkin craft is are favourite.

What we used to make our pumpkin craft:

orange, white, black and green card

glue stick

colour pens for detailing


How we made it:

I cut 4 × 21cm by 1cm wide strips of orange card.

I found the middle in each of the strips.

With the glue stick, we glued each strip into a star like shape in the middle.

Then for the slightly fiddly bit for small fingers – glue the ends together.

Starting with two opposite strips to get the shape then working round one strip end at a time.

Lightly press down, we want pumpkin shape rather than a ball.

Leave to one side to allow the glue to dry.

Decoration of our pumpkin craft:

Cut 3 triangles out of black card – two the same and one a bit smaller.

Draw a wide smile on white card and make it have some teeth and cut out. Again this was really fiddly and something adults should do.

Make a leaf and stem design on green card – allow some extra space at the bottom to fold.

Add detail to the leaf and stem and teeth.

Assembly of our pumpkin craft:

Glue the nose on first, then the eyes and mouth.

Fold the bottom space on the leaf and stem back on itself and glue on the top.

Optional extra:

A small piece of tape with a light-coloured cotton thread under the join in the pumpkin ball and hang it up.

Or display it on the mantlepiece like we are.




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