Premature Pregnancy to going Full Term in Second Pregnancy

Today is my due date! And we still have no baby.

So it looks like I’m going overdue.

To be honest I thought I’d have had my baby by now.

If you’ve been following my journey you’ll know I’ve had nothing but a struggle throughout the latter part of this pregnancy.

From being admited to hospital with acid reflux, which over the past fortnight has come back with such force I could take shares out in the amount of Gaviscon I’ve been taking!

To reduced movements I’ve had 4 episodes. Each time I went to the hospital maternity unit and each time baby started behaving the second I was hooked up to the baby monitor.

The scans; so many scans. I’ve seen my baby so many times and we know a rough guideline weight.

Then we had the Fetal Fibronetic positive test which nearly ruined my family Christmas and New Year.

That test as much as I can see why it was necessary; it has literally put my anxiety through the roof.

Despite the result I’m still with child!

Now I’m doing whatever I can to start labour as it’s fast looking like I’ll be overdue now and may have to be induced.

Each ache and pain has got my hopes up that labour is starting.

Each ache and pain stops and leaves me feeling low and frustrated.

Our hospital bags are starting to collect dust.

My baby’s room has been ready and cleaned so many times.

Not long now.

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