Glucose test in Pregnancy

If you read my previous post on why I ended up here (see here if you missed it) then I’ll go a bit more into it all.

What is a Glucose Test?

All in all it is a fasting blood test followed by a glucose drink, then a 2 hour wait followed by another blood test.

How did I end up with having this test?

During obs check at my routine check up at 22 weeks; my blood pressure was being taken while the nurse dipped my urine sample. This sample picked up two pluses for glucose. The nurse even had to confirm how many weeks I was twice!

Followed by a history check with the doctor; and cross matching my notes from my first pregnancy it was decided to be save than sorry.

Luckily for me I dragged my friend along with me, but the time leading up to my appointment was hell!

Firstly you have to fast 12 hours beforehand. While this may seem easy, my appointment being at 9am, I’d eat until 9pm and have an early night… until all I could smell was my partner’s dinner.

Then I stupidly checked social media in the morning on the way to doing the nursery drop off. All posts were food related – I actually hated everything from that moment, full blown pregnancy horomone rage!

Everything seemed to go so slow from dropping my daughter at nursery until I actually got to the hospital.

What happens?

At the blood test department of my hospital; I arrived stated I had a appointment and was seen straightaway. There was also two other pregnant women having the same test and they were both beyond 28 weeks.

The nurse takes a blood sample, and while I’m still sat in the chair she preps my glucose drink. I’m told until its gone she can’t start the test.

The glucose drink was actually really nice, I asked for another and the nurse laughed, she’s never had that question before. Which made me think maybe I’m just so hungry what anything will taste good!

Next she said I’m to find myself comfortable in any which way I choose (on the hard plastic seats!!), and I’m not to move around to much, if at all, unless I need to use the ladies.

The first hour dragged.

Into the second hour and after being bored with social media, the old home redevelopment magazines; my friend and I found ourselves literally counting down the minutes. I found myself going a bit hungry crazy and wanting a slice of cake!

A huge wedge of cake.

And I knew exactly where I was going to purchase said slice of cake from.

Beep, Beep Beep

That sound of the timer knowing my time of this test was up, I practically ran to get the next part over with.

Basically it’s just another blood sample and your FREE!!!


No news is good news. I found out more about my results at my next appointment.

Though if they’re was an issue you’d have that phone call.

And that’s it.

The rest of the day I literally stuffed myself with food, I’ve never been so hungry and thirsty.

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