Having a garden with a growing family

Seventh letter in my A-Z managing with a toddler and newborn series;

G for Garden

Over the years I’ve always had a home without a garden and never really thought I was missing out on much.

After all, there is plenty of parks to visit etc.

Fresh air

There is nothing better than opening the door and letting in some fresh air. Letting my toddler run about and then there’s the washing.

Line drying

Having a baby that goes through more clothes in a day than I do in a week is pretty draining. I used to have drying racks everywhere when we lived in a tiny flat when my toddler was a baby.

The freedom to put almost two wash loads out on the washing line in the garden is a blessing!


I’ve got to admit I’m the world’s worst gardener. I absolutely hate bugs. I detest weeds. And I dislike siting on grass. And mud, yuck just yuck.

The most I do, is abit of weeding but only with a tool and thick gardening gloves. Majority my partner does.

Tiring out

When my toddler goes on a massive buzz towards the end of the day; I let her out in the garden to literally tire herself out ready for bed. And she sleeps so much better. Even when it’s rained but not when it’s actually raining.

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