Our Crafts for Mothering Sunday

This year we are visiting both sets of my daughter’s grandparents for Mothering Sunday.

We rarely get to visit these days as everyone is so busy.

With that in mind I want my daughter to bring them a gift that they can either display or keep in a memory box.

We needed it to be within a budget and personal.

Which is when I found my daughter’s artwork from last year! Bingo – I have an idea.

It took me several hours to design as our printer isn’t working. Though they aren’t perfect, its the thought that counts.
Template for Mothering Sunday, fun toddler crafts
Cut out of template

Once cut out I handed my daughter some pens to doodle, little did I know she knows how to “write” letters. I must have missed this information at nursery pick ups.

Toddler personalising template for Mothering Sunday, fun craft ideas
Always use pens first!

Then I gave her a hand full of stickers.

All in all this only took a few minutes but she is happy with them and can’t wait to give them to her nanny’s.

Free standing cut out for mothering sunday
All done

Now to keep her from telling them over the next few days.

Overall cost was less than £5.00.

We made origami shirts for Father’s Day too.

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  1. looks very cute. I got H to decorate a plain white mug which she gave to her nanny to store her pens in on her desk.We used chalk malker pens and I sprayed it with hairspray when it was finished to seal it

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