Everything is Mine phase with a Toddler and Newborn

Fifth letter in my A-Z managing with a toddler and newborn series.

E for Everything is MINE!

My toddler sharing has always been really good. If not excellent.

She shares her food with her dad and me, her toys.

My toddler sharing with her friends is beautiful.

Preparing for baby

I did a huge clear out of her bedroom last year and put away all toys that weren’t suitable for her age anymore.

This, in hindsight, I should have done when she was at nursery. Que the need to play with everything.

And then the tantrums that ensued after!

With much reassurance that she had plenty of “big girl” toys to play with and that she’s no longer a baby; it was done. It took all day; and I mean all day, right up to her bedtime.

Baby came along

While my daughter knows her sister takes up most of my time, what I wasn’t prepared for was this new found phase of everything is mine. Because she’s just a baby.

I introduced the playmat recently to our baby and it has a toy that needed a battery. This toy is now my toddlers favourite. “The baby doesn’t know how to play so it’s mine”.

I’ve even tried to explain to her that a big sister role is to show her how to play. Which worked for all of thirty seconds.

She’s even stolen back one of her old baby blankets, because the baby has too many.

I did laugh alot when she said that. And let her have it.


She even on more that one occasion tried to squeeze herself into clothing that she outgrew a long time ago.

My fault for not completing a task that day of sorting and puting them straight into the vacuum bag. It was really funny though.

Toddler Sharing

I’ve witnessed her lately sharing beautifully with her friends so I know it’s a phase and she’s feeling left out.

So I’m making a difference of making more time with her and involving her in all the things I do; including more big sister jobs too.

I know that as our baby grows, my toddler will start sharing with her. And I can’t wait to see them playing together and learning.

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