Why I didn’t bother with a birth plan

I’ve had my baby.

Albeit 6 days overdue. Despite everything we went through.

I didn’t bother writing a birth plan this time round. With my toddler I read everywhere that it’s essential to write one.

And even then my birth plan wasn’t even followed and that labour was 22 painful back to back labour. Plus she was 5 weeks premature and my waters had already broke 2 weeks prior.

To many women have anxiety over the birth and want it to go a certain way; but reality is labour, unless you have a date booked etc, can happen at anytime and nothing can be predicted.

This time round the only thing that was set in stone was what would happen to my toddler when I went into labour. My partner being at the birth. Bags packed. I wanted any form of medication they could give me to ease the pain.

What I wasn’t expecting.

The day before was pretty normal everything carried on as usual, I saw my midwife and we planned a sweep for a few days time.

I’d had signs of labour starting a over 6 weeks now and I knew the telltale signs by heart by now.

That night I woke to feeling incredibly sick, I only just made it to the bathroom. I started to panic that I had food poisoning and tried to remember if I’d eaten anything odd; though my partner and toddler had no signs of being ill.

This went on for hours. I felt drained.

My partner got up for work, I through a pregnancy hormonal fit saying he couldn’t go to work and leave me feeling like this.

Then I got a sudden sharp pain in my lower back and mild cramp low down on my bump while making a cuppa yes .

To cut a long story short these were contractions. They were coming fast and the pain in my back was on another level.

I went from talking to huffing like a bull every few minutes.

Waters went with a massive splat.

My partner on the phone getting our sitter to come over “like now…its happening now…”. My toddler waking up and wondering what the hell was going on.

One last wee before the journey, I wipe and notice this odd colour. My baby had sh*t in my waters! I know this as I’d read the Unmumsy Mum book.

10 minutes later I’m at the hospital, contractions are becoming unbearable on my lower back.

Midwife examines me and I’m 10cm. Baby is coming now and there’s no time for pain relief.

I ended up with a kiwi delivery, 6 shots of gas and air – which on an empty stomach really makes your head spin! No stitches either this time.

All in all, start to finish I was in labour for about 2 hours. I’m glad I didn’t waste time writing a birth plan that I couldn’t use!

It is possible to have a healthy birth weight baby after having a premature baby.

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  1. Aww huge congratulations that sounds like the most amazing labour. I think you deserve that after last time. Enjoy this time xx

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