Why I won’t be having the Depo injection ever again

Eighth letter in my A-Z managing with a toddler and newborn series;

H for Health

I’ve always had a yo-yo immune system. I catch a cold and it’ll last week’s until I end up on steroids because I just can’t control my asthma.

After my baby was born I discussed with quite a few people, some mums, about contraception they used.

Having something permanent like the implant or coil really turned my stomach!

The pill came up, as I used to be on it, but I’m terrible at remembering to take it. Picture waking up an hour after going to bed to remember I forgot to take it.


So I opted for the injection. The depo injection. Better known in technical terms; Depo-Provera.

I had it done by the nurse at my gp surgery three days into my normal period.

After a few days my “normal period” changed to spotting. This spotting was continuous.

I think overall I had one maybe two days without nothing at all.

I read that this is normal and every should settle down. Even a different nurse for my asthma check said the same.

Somethings gone wrong

I woke one Sunday (4 weeks after having the injection) to heavier bleeding; like I was having a normal period.

Again I read that it was normal.

I really shouldn’t believe what I read. Google is not my friend in a situation like this!

Sunday night I barely slept I was up changing my sanitation towel nearly every 2 hours.

It was heavier than my after birth bleed.

Early hours of Monday morning I was in pain. So much pain. Like the worst period pain I’ve ever experienced alongside of labour. Pain that was unbearable to walk.

At the doctors that day I explained it all and she gave me a prescription to try and minimise the bleed. She said they couldn’t do an internal examination until the bleeding was managed.

She gave me a pregnancy test to do. Negative.
Oh how I was relived beyond belief! I was holding my breath for that negative.

I then had two losses; one Monday afternoon and the other around Tuesday lunchtime. Both around the size of a 50p, both only had a fraction of dark blood. Though I didn’t fully examine these as they made me feel physically sick. And I never kept them either for any professional to look at.

Back to the doctors. This time I saw someone else. He said again what was said the day before; they couldn’t examine me and continue to take the prescription and he gave me a contraceptive pill to take as well.

It is possible I could have been pregnancy when I had the Depo injection; even though I had a negative test before having it done.

It is possible I have had a miscarry.

I obviously still need to have an examination to make sure everything is okay.

Mental Health

Mentally I can’t get my head around any of this. The unknown is probably better than knowing; though I keep getting this niggling thought every now and then that I may have had a miscarry. Been completely unaware of being pregnant. No signs or symptoms. And (now) two negative tests; could it have been too early to detect?

I won’t be going back for another shot of the Depo injection. It’s completely put me off. Along with the non stop spotting, my life feels like I haven’t got me back fully since having my baby.

I am determined to be me again. Me the mother of two amazing babies.

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