I’ve always been into some sort of craft growing up. From jewellery making, to card making.



Luckily my partner and father of my child is the creative too. He loves to draw freehand.

I had a serious car accident April 2013. I lost complete use of my writing hand. I couldn’t hold a pen, carry anything, my entire wrist, hand and three fingers were completely numb and weak.
I had very bad nerve damage and I took nearly a year to gain feeling back my wrist, hand and in my middle and ring finger. My little finger to this day is still partially numb.
I learnt to write again by learning to knit. There was a fortnightly magazine collection out at the time and my therapist suggested that I give it a try as the minimal movement might trigger something and build a small about of strength. I could finally hold a pen a write my name clearly in January 2014.
Moving on from then I have since knitted my daughter a winter hat, and two blankets.



I introduced crayons and paper to my daughter as soon as she could sit up, she mainly liked to hold the crayons and wave the paper around. One of our New Years resolution was to be creative once a week minimum. I love seeing the joy on my daughter’s face when she’s doodling, sticking and painting.


We enjoy crafts together. And we display them too.
I date each one so we can look back on them when she’s older.


Every beginning of the month I take down the previous months creations and store them


Is there any creative things you like to do?

12 comments on “Creativity

  1. It's good that, out of a horrendous situation, a positive has emerged. I tried knitting and all I could make was a mess and frustration. You're doing far better!

  2. I love that you overcame the problems with your hand to knit and be creative. Your daughters hat is adorable! I wish I was as creative as you.

  3. What a story, I am sure your determination to craft helped you regain use of your hands. Sadly I am not a crafty person although I used to be very good at macrame

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