Clock Change with a Toddler and a Baby

Fourth letter in my A-Z managing with a toddler and newborn series;

D for Day light Saving Time

Or clock change.

Before having children I didn’t really notice losing or gaining an hour, unless technology failed!

Back then my biggest worry was not setting my alarm to get up for school then (later on in life) work.

A Gro Clock

With my toddler we got a Gro Clock and that has been a blessing in keeping her routine together. But I only just realised last week I hadn’t actually changed the time on it!

She seemed to have taken really well this time round. I’d say about 3 days and her routine was back to normal.

Me and the Baby

Any new mums who have worked hard to establish a routine will know the frustration of anything messing it up and the annoyance of trying to get back on track.

Throw in a clock change and everything; every little detail of every little really p*ssed me off!

All in all it took me over a week to adapt our newborn and 6 weeks since she still has nights were she’ll “forget” and want a feed at what would have been her correct feed time.

I’m glad she’ll be over 8 months old when the clocks change again in October.

Enjoying the Day!

Loving that we now have longer day light days now instead of being dark at 4pm.

Not loving that my toddler has a tantrum at bedtime because “it’s still daytime mummy and no one goes to bed at daytime unless their a baby”!

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