Has the World gone cleaning mad?

Well okay, so maybe not the entire world has gone cleaning mad. Maybe just a huge fraction who use Instagram.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve stumbled across two profiles: @littlemissmops from the UK and @_ellenokeeffe from Ireland.

I can’t even tell you how or when I found these accounts, but they seriously put my cleaning habits to shame.


My general cleaning is to hoover daily if not twice because both girls make such a mess when they are near food.

The kitchen and bathroom is relatively clean too, or so I thought.

Tips and Tricks

The things both Little Miss Mops and Ellen show us how to clean, has had me checking my own product haul.

They make cleaning less of a chore, and I must admit a little bit fun.

I love watching their daily stories of before and after.

Elbow Grease

When I heard people talking about this I assumed they were telling me to put abit of muscle into my cleaning.

I’ve only recently discovered it’s an actual product, which took some sourcing down.

The best thing I’ve used this for is soaking my metal tray racks in Elbow Grease, wrapping in cling film and leaving them in the bath overnight (so my eldest doesn’t get to them)

Take a look at their highlights on IG for all its multi uses.

Buying in bulk

Somehow I’ve been finding myself bulk buying products, every shop I walk into I end up spending the majority of my time in the cleaning aisle.

I used to be a grab it when I need it, usually the same thing, a multi-purpose.

I’ve even ended up with a electric cleaning brush when Lidi had them a few weeks back.

Gotta say though it really scrubbed up my kitchen hobs, tiles, all taps in my house and worked wonders on my baby’s feeding seat and tray.

Excessive cleaning

Following both these accounts has got me off the sofa and making everything spotless. Maybe alittle too much.

This week alone I’ve cleaned:
out my fridge,
all radiators (nearly vomed at the amount of dust),
scrubbed skirting boards and my shower curtain,
cleaned all hair brushes and make up brushes,
scrubbed of stains on all mattresses and sofas (with tips and tricks from their stories on IG),
cleaned out all kitchen cupboards.

That’s along with my usual daily household routine.

So if the world hasn’t gone mad with cleaning, I think I definitely have! I’ve never done so much in a week.

7 comments on “Has the World gone cleaning mad?

  1. Everyone has went cleaning mad! Im like you…We have a dog so hoovering is a serious hobby of mine! On a serious note I do worry about the level of fumes and chemicals in people’s houses!

  2. I am definitely not cleaning-mad! (How bad is that?) BUT I do have that Elbow Grease and it is literally the best product ever! I use it for cleaning everything. One day it’s getting stains off our ceramic tiles, the next the shower – I even used it once on a seriously delicate chiffon overlay on a dress after spilling something on it at a wedding. I was convinced I was going to ruin it, but it was ruined anyway, so went for it – and it worked!

    1. No way! That’s amazing, I hate clothing stains more than anything. I might have to keep Elbow Grease in mind when my eldest destroys her school uniform

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