Why I Stopped using Tommee Tippee and moved on to MAM bottles

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Feeding my newborn has been somewhat of a challenge.

We know she’s doing well, as she’s gaining weight etc.

It’s just she tends to like to spray and wear most of her feeds at every feed. Meaning we have a soaked muslin square and bib.

We brought Tommee Tippee bottles for our newborn as my toddler took to them really well when she was a baby.

I’ve tried my newborn on different style teats from the TT range and it’s still the same.

So when I tried the free MAM bottle (cream 130ml) that I picked up from Boots I wasn’t holding out much hope.

I’ve got used to nearly having to change our newborn after every feed.

Turning point

My newborn took to the MAM bottle so well I rung my partner and best friend in a hyped up, shock, amazement way.

She was dry! Everything was dry.

It never occurred to me that she may not suit the TT bottles; I just assumed that because her older sister did that she would too.

What I like?

I love that these MAM bottles* are self sterilising; it’ll be so handy when we’re visiting family and friends. Instead of packing enough pre sterilised prepped bottles I only need to pack 3. One to use, one for the next feed and one to sterilise for the return of the circle of feeding.

And for our holiday I means I can cross off bringing a bulky electrical steriliser too.

The shape of the teat shape fits in my baby’s mouth much easier than the round shape teats.

Anything else

I’ve had blind panic before when I’ve rang out of bottles, not realised, and baby is crying for a feed. Cue manic washing and running the steriliser wishing the cycle would hurry up!

Nearly 10 weeks in and I’ve done this too many times to count.

With the MAM bottles it’s a 3 minute wait in the microwave for a bottle to be sterile.

They also do additional teats* for their bottles as my baby grows.


We’ve also been sent some MAM soother*. They are in the same style as the feeding teat.

The soothers come as a set of two in a box that can be sterilised too. Within minutes in the microwave.

The box is a handy size for my changing bag and I can sterilise both during feeds or as needed.

I’m always on the look out for products to make being a mum again easier. Both the bottles and soothers are perfect as we’re always on the go.

We can also enjoy our day trips out more knowing that I don’t have to worry that we’re running out of bottles or her dummy has got dirty and the spare one is questionable.

Where to buy?

You can buy directly from MAM Baby or Boots* sometimes have offers on throughout the year.

Disclaimer: *This post contains affiliate links.
I was sent the above products to review, however all words are my own honest opinions. For more information please see my disclaimer

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