the bizarre way I found out I’m pregnant

Back in May, well towards the end really, I started feeling really off.

I’d go to bed and either just couldn’t sleep or I’d wake up every hour.

Most worryingly I’d get out of breath over silly things, my asthma made me feel like I was constantly running a marathon! Which was making me so so exhausted.

Back and forth the doctors; they checked my obs – all normal. Listened to my chest – all normal. Slightly raised heart rate – not a concern, put down to trying to keep my toddler from breaking free from the room.

Told to check in with the asthma nurse, maybe my inhalers aren’t working for me or I needed better management.

In between trying to stay sane throughout all this, and not have my toddler remind me that such-and-such programme has started and where is her dinner. My Fitbit Charge2 needed an update and I changed the clock display.

It was then I started to notice something odd. My heart rate was higher during ‘activity’ – walking, chasing after my toddler and even higher at rest. Was my Fitbit Charge2 telling me something.

Then I realised that I was always snacking lately, nothing could beat this constant hunger!

Let’s just say the penny dropped; raiding the back of my vanity drawer I knew I had a test left over from god-knows-when and just hoped it was in date!

The thought only crossed my mind and I wanted rule out anything more before I go bananas at the doctors as something clearly wasn’t okay and I was starting to feel like I was slipping back to…back to the days when I wasn’t properly me, (see more here).

So I won’t bore you with details – test done and left. Kettle on, toddler entertained.

Three incredibly slow minutes later and I nearly pass out in shock.

Two of the most solid lines you could get and all the symptoms matched up!

Did you find out you were pregnant in a bizarre way?

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  1. not bizarre but happily found out I was pregnant on my wedding day as I didnt come on and that to me meant i was pregnant – if my period could have spoilt my wedding day by bleeding as heavily as normal, it would have done!!!!

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