Things I’ve learnt in the past 6 months of being a mum of two – part 1

It’s officially my baby’s half a birthday; we’ve been a family of 4 for 6 months!

I never really thought I’d do anything different with our second baby.

This is what I’ve learnt along the way:

1) The beginning weeks are tough; like I’ve never know exhaustion until I’ve been up all night feeding a new born and trying to parent my eldest in the day

2) Slave to the clock; it’s all about baby feeds, baby naps and fitting everyone else in

3) Having a head cold when solo parenting is pure hell

4) Chicken pox can ruin all your plans for over a month. My eldest caught them and while I tried to keep the baby from catching them she did 14 days later and had them worse than her sister

5) Sibling jealousy; my eldest took a while to love her sister. Everything the baby had she wanted

6) Baby jealousy; the baby now gets jealous of whatever her sister has

7) Being quite for the first half hour of nap time – yeah likely story!

Noise so much noise!

9) Witching hour, used to be the eldest goes nuts around 4pm. Now they both do!! One usually gets a timeout or sent to her room and the baby usually ends up in her buggy for a catnap.

10) Bath time; alot easier now they bath together

11) Eldest throws the most epic tantrums when it comes to leaving the house. She flatly refused all knowledge of how to dress herself

Everything is sticky and damp

13) No two are the same as everyone says. Though I assumed they ment personalities, the baby hates the brand bottles we used for her sister

14) And she also hated her sisters old travel system – so grateful for FB sale pages, we got another for £20!

15) Daddy goes deaf when football is on

16) Baby and toddler events in shops are my fave for getting bits we really need if we have to have brand new. For example: we recently got both girls new mattresses and I had change from £50

17) My baby copies her sisters behaviour and not necessarily the good side

Mess is everywhere in every room!

19) It scared the hell out of me when my baby learnt to roll over in her bed, she was happy. I was awake for nearly a week with worry

20) The baby monitor feels like torture if my eldest goes into her room at stupid o’clock for a good morning chat

21) When the washing machine won’t turn on, it is possible to lose your mind hand washing clothing as both girls go through what feels like a months worth in 3 days.

22) People will judge you if you chose to bottle feed from day 1

23) It is possible to get out the house in less than an hour

24) Being a stay at home parent is soooo boring, especially on rainy days

25) Daddy can apparently sleep through anything, while mummy is up all night putting baby’s dummy back in or being frightened to death by a mini me creeping about the house

This closes my first half of what I’ve learnt along the way with my second baby. Stay tuned for the next half.

2 comments on “Things I’ve learnt in the past 6 months of being a mum of two – part 1

  1. Great Post! Yes I agree, the first few weeks are the hardest and seem to go on forever! But believe me, they don’t. They fly by, they aren’t little for long. Oh and yes, daddy’s do go deaf when the footballs on!

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