Battling with Morning Sickness

The downside to growing a baby is having morning sickness.

I’ve always hated being sick before I had my daughter. Then in my first pregnancy just getting out of bed (around 8 weeks pregnant) would have me running to the bathroom!

There is no dignified way to being sick, but this time round I’m battling with projectile morning sickness.

Now if your eating while reading this I suggest you take a break for a minute.

quote stating the unglamorous side of being pregnant

Apparently when I was a baby I was just the same when it came to being sick, obviously I don’t have any knowledge of this memory – thank god!.

I’m not talking about feeling abit nauseous and taking myself off to the bathroom either.

This…this unglamorous side of being pregnant has got me hitting a new low.

How did it start?

In the later side of my first trimester; nausea started, usually first thing before breakfast or shortly after I’ve eaten. Some mornings I literally would have a mouthful of my cereal or a sip of tea and have the sudden and dramatic urge to get to the bathroom quickly!

Usually whilst covering my mouth, I’m asking my toddler to get me a hairband and my water, and on occasions I’ve actually thrown up while mid speaking!

This sick while pregnancy related, come out some fast and violent I need to take shares out in the amount of cleaning products I go through after my ‘session’.

I’m talking so fast that I even comes out of my nose, and leaves me gagging and heaving for breath – something I don’t want my toddler to see, but she’s so relaxed about it all.

How am I coping with it?

Thankfully this morning sickness faze didn’t last too long; though at the time it felt like years.

Coping, I can’t say I really did anything out of the ordinary. I started drinking lemon and ginger tea first thing as a substitute to my usual cuppa. And having a biscuit to settle my stomach.

Though the urgh hits me suddenly, not running also has helped. Running… or speedily walking was increasing my heart rate so when I was sick my body temperature was rising too. Making me feel worse than I needed to be.

Taking things easy helped too, even though it does mean our breakfast routine is now over an hour long.

Has it gone?

Ha ha… I wish! While it may have gone from being morning, noon and night in the first trimester, I still have it but luckily its just random bursts.

They still hit me off guard though. I could be absolutely fine, not feeling nauseous or anything, and just like a light switch I have to get to the bathroom and redecorate it.

Did I seek help?

Yes and no, this I’ll cover more in the upcoming posts I have for this pregnancy. Long and short of it now, I have anti-sickness tablets and yes I’ve still been sick with them too.

Did you suffer with bad sickness throughout your pregnancy?


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