Balancing the Behaviour

Continuing on with my A-Z managing with a toddler and newborn series.

B for Behaviour

Everyone who’s raising young children will have gone through the terrible two’s stage. But these are nothing compared to the adverse behaviour a toddler throws now she’s promoted to big sister.

The transition though I’ve tried to make it easier for her, seems to have been more difficult for the both of us.

Craving attention

The second I sit down to feed her new sister, my toddler demands extra food or help with something from another room.

Her independence she had before has mildly disappeared.

She refuses to dress herself, go to the toilet unless she’s actually put on the seat.

And then there’s the refusing to eat unless she’s spoon fed – this one was quickly stopped in its tracks after a few days.

My behaviour

Looking back on my behaviour in the first few weeks. I was so up and down it’s no wonder I even managed to get both children dressed and out the door.

Telling my toddler that when I’m done settling her sister and that it’ll be me and her time works. I ask her what games she wants to play or we sit and watch a telly show she likes with a cuppa.

Also getting out of the house to the park so she can have fun and burn off energy.

I’ve managed to maintain her bedtime routine too.

Her behaviour

While I’m still trying to level out this new found toddler wanting to be a baby stage.

I have found talking to her and explaining what’s what and giving her a choice of two seems to stop any tantrums before they start.

Though waking the baby after I’ve spent an age getting her settled is frustrating. It’s not her fault when she’s used to being the loud and noisy.

If all else fails I leave her to have a tantrum; afterall she’s still is learning how to handle her emotions.

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