Anxiety About Having Another Baby

Here’s the start of my A through to Z posts on managing the change from one baby to having two babies.

A for Anxiety

It seems everyone lately is opening up about anxiety.

I wasn’t really worried about anything until the later part of my pregnancy. My first hospital admission was most likely the trigger.

Throughout the week it’s always been me and my daughter, so when I was in hospital it dawned on me quickly that not only was I having a baby in months to come, but if things go wrong my daughter was sidelined.

The dreams

Started having some really odd dreams towards the end of my pregnancy.

Ones where I forgot to pick up my daughter from nursery.

Ones where I forgot to feed the baby because I was caught up playing with my daughter or cooking her dinner.

The list is endless, I’d wake up and shake most of them off. Until my final few weeks when I’d have really down days. Days when I was just so on edge.

The change

Now nearly 2 months into being a mum of two. I can safely say I haven’t lost a child, both are happily fed and entertained.

My only day to day anxiety is time managing.

We’ve made 4 attempts to get to our favourite baby and toddler group on a Tuesday. We made it once!

Then there’s the manic rush for the mornings of nursery. I’ll organise 90% the night before and still have trouble sleeping. I worry about everything from over sleeping my alarm, to the baby wanting a extra feed, to missing the bus.

All in all, these are silly things to get worked up about. But for me the anxiety just takes a grip on me that takes a while to get past.

Managing anxiety

Talking about it helps.

Listening to music.

And finding “me time” whenever I can are the only ways I’m managing my anxiety.

It’s working so far.

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