Amaryllis Natural Beauty

Today I went to a beauty studio called Amaryllis Natural Beauty, in St Leonards.

[This has now relocated to Saxon Road, Hastings.]
She was doing a taster day today with two treatments free.
I choose a leg and foot massage followed by file and paint for my feet.

Upon entering the room I was greeted by Lauren. Who welcomed me and my daughter in.
She was playing lovely relaxing music in the background.
Whilst I took my trainers and socks off she prepared the beauty bench for me and asked me to make myself comfortable.
The room was very clean and bright.
I then chose my desired nail colour from a lovely selection handed to me.
The leg and foot massage was very relaxing – I was close to drifting off!
The background music even soothed my daughter into a nap.
Lauren was very gentle with filing and painting. And our conversation was enjoyable too.
At the end of the service she gave me a loyalty card and helped me up the stairs with my daughter’s buggy.
I fully recommend this beauty salon and can’t wait to make another appointment.


I’m loving my new colour

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