When Acid Reflux in Pregnancy put me in Hospital

The day started just like any other Monday morning.

Whirlwind of breakfast routine. Trying to figure out what to do for the day with my toddler.

Then I got an onset bout of nausea late afternoon that I couldn’t shift.

During my dinner, a Chinese my partner cooked for me while I did our usual bedtime story for our toddler, I felt the sudden need to be sick.

I was so sick I didn’t think I’d stop.

Sipping water right up until I decided to go to bed early.

I didn’t get any sleep.

Every way I lay I got this horrid acid reflux feeling in the back of my throat.

Before all this I was managing my acid reflux with small amounts of milk or water and no food up to an hour before bed.

This was a feeling I never want ever again.

The acid reflux was so bad, gagging feeling.

If I rolled over I had to literally run to the bathroom to throw up.

Went on all night, even with sipping water I felt like sh*t.

Come morning I felt rotten, no sleep, I felt hungry but couldn’t keep a biscuit down and even being vertical I was still having bouts of acid reflux that was making me sick.

Ringing my doctors surgery, I had to beg to be seen, there always so busy and have minimal appointments available unless booked weeks in advance.

In the waiting room; while trying to entertain my toddler and avoid being sick again, I started getting a pain in my right side.

The wait felt like an hours.

Once seen, I explained everything, the doctor felt my stomach and said he needed to ring the hospital and could I wait in the waiting room.

15 minutes later he called me back in, explained that I needed to get to our maternity unit at our hospital asap, and handed me paperwork to take there along with my notes.

Arriving with my toddler in tow with a lunch packed for her and nothing else. The midwife asks if I can get someone to collect her as I was being admited!


I don’t like staying in hospital.

This was essential though, despite my emotional state. I was so dedrydrated and weak.

The very patient doctor came to see me and tried for ages to get a drip into my hand; I didn’t even bleed when she pulled the needle out to try my elbow crease instead.

Bloods were taken from this drip and then my first fluid bag was attached.

Fast forward to the morning, some sleep later and 3 bags of fluid. I felt better, but my urine sample said otherwise.

I finally had some breakfast that was a mix of yummy and making me feel nauseous again.

The doctors then do their rounds and they tell me that until my urine sample showed 4 ketones I wasn’t leaving. It was still 1 an hour after breakfast.

Being discharged from hospital, for me is the best feeling, I can take most of a morning to get ready. But tell me I’m going home from hospital and I’m ready in less than a minute!

I was given sickness tablets to take and told to get some mint liquid gaviscon to manage my acid reflux.

I’m pleased to report that I haven’t had an episode like this since. I still have acid reflux, but I hasn’t made me sick, so far.

Though my consultant has given me something stronger for my acid reflux now.

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