15 Minute Make Up Routine for the School Run

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Before becoming a mum I wouldn’t think twice about leaving the house without my face on! Before becoming a mum I had all the time I liked to get ready for anywhere.

Nowadays it takes more time to the leave the house – even just to pop to the shop and back again.

Still I rarely leave without minimal make up on. I don’t have time for all that contouring blah. I certainly don’t have time for full on face, eyes and lips when doing the nursery school run.

Here’s my make up look for most days which over time and with the right brushes I’ve got down to just 15 minutes give or take…

Firstly, I use 2-3 sprays of  Johnson’s Spray baby oil* on cotton pads to remove any missed mascara from the night before. The spray is lightweight and I don’t need to use loads either.


I’ve been using Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser* since I first reviewed it last year. A 5p size amount perfect for me to cleanse my face and neck, is lightweight and feels hydrating on my skin.


I haven’t really stuck to on brand, at the moment I’m using Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Toner*.


I received a tub of Boots own brand moisturising cream* which I’m currently giving a go to see how I feel about it. So far I’m loving the quick absorbency and the non sticky feel after.


I use Clinique. I’ve used many high street and top brands over the years but nothing compares to Beyond Perfecting*. This foundation is also a concealer too which also saves time. Comes with a stick applicator. I start with a little and build up if I need to.

The brush I use with my foundation is Luxestudio*. This large round head gives me an even coverage quickly and doesn’t hold the foundation like other brushes. I can sweep my foundation on a lot quicker than with a sponge too.


I use an invisible powder just to take away any shine especially if I’ve had breakouts. The powder I use is Collection Primed & Ready Invisible Setting Powder* and usually lasts me until mid afternoon.


Just to make me look more awake. Again I don’t have a set brand.


If like me in your teens you over waxed and they still haven’t fully grown back, then Rimmel Brow This Way* is perfect. The wax side I use to get my shape and tame and the powder to fill in the gaps.


I love a bit of lip gloss but nothing sticky and overly shiny. My favourite is Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour* in Seduction. Once dry it’s non transferable and I probably only touch up less than a handful of times throughout the day.

And that’s it, I’m ready to sort everything else out.

On days events, when I have more time I’ll dig out my array of eyeshadows and lipsticks.

What’s your go to routine? Do you use similar products?

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