Warning to parents with babies or children in prams or strollers

I once went to do my local supermarket during the hottest hours of the day, I needed to do a top up shop and was planning to eat at the café too. My daughter was around 18 weeks old and had recently gone from the pram style to the buggy style of my travel system.

Like most mums I took nearly my entire house just incase I needed anything.

At the time I didn’t have a sunshade or sun parasol for my travel system, so I pulled the hood over and as the sun was directly on my daughter I used her blanket to cover the hood and her kept in place with my hair clip.

Please note: my child was not in her pram when this photo was taken

I got halfway though my walk when a mum, her young son and grandmother stopped me. They told me that what I had done, though being positive saying there glad she wasn’t exposed to direct sunlight, was infact very dangerous!

It could cause my daughter to overheat.

Please don’t cover your children’s pram or stroller with blankets, muslin or your own clothes.

I live by the beach and on days when the weather is gorgeous I can see parents doing this, I wish I had the confidence to speak up like the family that stopped me did.

Most brands sell their own sun parasols.

 You can buy universal ones.

There are sun shades you can use that cover the own stroller like a rain cover.

Or even a clip on fan.

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15 thoughts on “Warning to parents with babies or children in prams or strollers”

  1. This is a super important message! Prams don’t really breathe themselves so covering them completely would make them even hotter, especially when placed under the sun.

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