Potty Training Week 4

Well here we are week 4 of our Potty Training Series with Dry Like Me.

Over the past four weeks we have been learning a completely new milestone for both of us.

Established adding this milestone into our everyday lives.

My daughter has learnt her body cues, to hold herself until she is at the toilet and the importance of hygiene.

I didn’t use reward charts or stickers. We didn’t clear our diary for a week a home. Nor did we make learning this stage the one and only thing of our day to day.

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Potty Training Week 3

Dry like me sun

Our third week potty training with Dry Like Me.

Since we started our potty training journey, my cleaning chores seem to have doubled.
We established early on that when she uses her potty she must wash her hands with soap. My hand soap she doesn’t like, so she’s now using Professor Scrubbington’s Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash (see review here). My daughter never fails to forget as she loves the foam.

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Professor Scrubbington’s – Product Review

My daughter was sent two products from Professor Scrubbington’s.


What is Professor Scrubbington’s?
They are a range of toiletries aimed at children.
Which includes Magically Foaming Conditioner, Magically Foaming Hair and Body Wash, Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash, Magically Foaming Shampoo and Magically Fragrant Deodorant.
Children love foam, right?

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Dry like Me

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Dry like Me Sun
We have been potty training for nearly a month now. It all happened so quickly; one minute my daughter flatly refused to even acknowledge her potty as anything more than a seat for her teddies. Then one Sunday afternoon she wanted her pull ups changed, with them all ready around her ankles and shuffling towards me in the kitchen. I guided her back to the living room and asked her to sit on her potty for 1 minute while I finished prepping dinner.

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Day in the Life of My Toddler V Reality Part 1


I think its morning
Rolls out of bed, lets check the window – still dark. oh my potty and books are back.
I see a light on downstairs, lets rattle the gate, see if mummy or daddy are up. [no answer]
Okay I’ll sing some songs..mummy’s alarm!
“Hi Mummy”, rattle the gate – make sure she’s really awake.
“Morning, do you need a wee wee?” says mummy. I think I do though I may have been already and my knickers are definately wet.
“I’ll try”
“Okay, you try, while mummy goes toilet and puts the kettle on.”
She’s gone! Right lets line up my books and throw my knickers and jarma bottoms across the room. Oh no, she’s coming back, I forgot to wee.

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