My Toddler Firsts, #PetitsFilousFirsts

I recently started to give my daughter Petits Filous yogurts again. I tried her on them when she was 8 months old and she had a reaction to dairy so we were advised to stop and try again later. As she was born 5 weeks premature she may not have been ready. She’s had the odd yogurt in between but I keep forgetting to put them on my shopping list.
I took her to our supermarket and showed her the selection of yogurts she could have as chose the Petits Filous family pack over the My First Petits Filous, think its because she thinks she’ll get more with a larger pack. I purchased both.
I had a free Petits Filous spoon in one of the pregnancy packs I collected and when she was weaning as I signed up to the Petits Filous site they sent my daughter another one. These handy little spoons are perfect for the yogurts.

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