My Nametags, back-to-school labelling

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As a parent, I dislike labelling clothing etc for when the new term starts at nursery let alone when she’ll be starting school.

I have a labelling pile that continues to grow until the very last minute.

I don’t mind the ironing on part – its writing out the labels!

My daughter has quite a long name in full. It’s either write a super long label or her first and surname separately and try to get them straight/close together on the item I’m labelling.

I’ve found a company that has taken this issue for me, placed her full name on a iron on label that’s 30mm × 13mm!

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Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

Terrible Twos, Threenager strops – call it whatever you want but every toddler at some point will go through this stage.

Remember back when they were babies; cooing, laughing, exploring and crying when they wanted something. Now they’re walking, talking, laughing, exploring and – in an instant screaming the house down!

For me, my daughter was such an angel for so long that it was inevitable the tantrums would eventually come around. We got it in spades!

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