She is growing up

I recently decided to a stop my daughter’s daytime nap. I’ve had other mums tell me that she’s too young and that their own children didn’t stop having naps until they were going on three.
My daughter is 2 years old.
My reasons to stop were she only naps in her buggy, she recently learnt that if she is laid flat that she can wiggle out of the straps -even on the tightest setting! And then she’s free.

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Time to change from Cotbed to Toddler Bed

I’d been thinking about changing my daughter’s room around for a while. I made a list of what needed doing and one Monday last month I decided to do it. She hadn’t learnt to climb out of her cotbed but I’d rather we prevent an accident first.
Time to change from a cotbed to a toddler bed.
She was 22 months when I did this, the reason I waited as I wanted to be sure that she could climb on and off our sofas in the living room safely.

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