OXO Tot Training Cup

My first impressions of OXO Tot’s Training Cup were how little packaging there is and the overall size of cup.
Whenever I want to try something new I allow my daughter to explore it first. She knew instantly that it was a “big cup” what she meant was a big girl cup. She then noticed the flow ounce measurements on the side.
I started introducing her training cup when she is sitting in her booster seat – she’s always been an independent eater so this was a great way to start.

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Childhood Manners

From when my daughter started weaning. I always said ‘Ta’ with a smile. She quickly picked this word up.
When she was 16 months old she started to learn to say Thank You. She would be playing, and give me a toy she’d say ‘thank you’, I’d accept the chosen toy and repeat back her thank you and ask her if she wants it back. If she does she’ll say ‘yes please, thank you mummy’
 When playing with other children she loves to share and help. She always asks if their okay too.

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