Entertaining Children When They Have a Cold #VicksTricks

Being unwell as a child
I remember when I was unwell being allowed to stay in my parents bed all day. Children’s TV wasn’t an all day thing back then and my parents TV certainly didn’t have more than 5 channels!
I’d be upstairs with my mum checking on me, bringing me water and whatever food (within reason) that I wanted, while my baby brother was downstairs. Keeping us (my two younger siblings and one seven years older) separate was a away of not having everyone sick at the same time.
Usually one of us got well and another fell ill.
We didn’t have the flu jab either.
Vicks VapoRub* was a brand I grew up with. Whenever we had a blocked nose or a full blown cold, my mum would rub some on my chest so I had a better nights sleep. My mum grew up with this product too; it was developed over 100 years ago! I also remember her making me warm juice to soothe my sore throat.

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Childhood Manners

From when my daughter started weaning. I always said ‘Ta’ with a smile. She quickly picked this word up.
When she was 16 months old she started to learn to say Thank You. She would be playing, and give me a toy she’d say ‘thank you’, I’d accept the chosen toy and repeat back her thank you and ask her if she wants it back. If she does she’ll say ‘yes please, thank you mummy’
 When playing with other children she loves to share and help. She always asks if their okay too.

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